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Tethered to a bittersweet relationship with Hyderabad where she currently lives, Pujita Krishna’s unceasing fascination with human trials and tribulations is fed by the city’s multi-layered and diverse culture- it has informed her artistic temperament that sparks both her dance and her writing.

Her MFA thesis, Revival of Vilasini Natyam at the Ranganathaswamy Temple, Hyderabad has been published by Proquest, a well-known academic publisher.


Writing on a whim on occasion and at other times furiously on matters that are close to her heart, she has had her short stories as well as articles published in different media over time.


Her first article 'Cupid: The Dog of Love' appeared on the editorial page of The Deccan Chronicle while she was still in school. Her first short story, as a college-going student, was published in the then AP Times which was later aired on AIR(All India Radio), Hyderabad.

She is also the author of a novella, Smitten, published in 2018.


'The Adventures of a Gutsy Explorer' is her latest book for children. Published by

Merlinwand, it is a personalized illustrated story book. 

Currently, She writes regularly on dance for "The Hindu". Pujita has an MA in English Literature.

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