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The exciting genre of personalised story telling for children and young adults is fast gaining ground. Pujita Krishna's recent book 'The Unusual Adventures of a Gutsy Explorer' for Merlinwand is one such illustrated story book where the reader gets to be his or her own hero! Interesting characters and vivid destinations make this a must-have in very child's book shelf.




Neither Flamenco Nor Salsa, it’s ‘naatu’ - Article in THE HINDU by Pujita Krishna published on 23rd March, 2023 on Why the dance number from the Telugu film RRR deserved an Oscar for choreography.

Dhvani and Dance- Can there be a Relationship? - Academic article by Pujita Krishna on exploring the possibility of applying Anandavardhana's famous 'dhvani theory' to dance in Shodhkosh, a peer reviewed journal for visual and performing arts. September 2022 edition.

The Dance and the Dancing Body by Pujita Krishna in the July edition of Ananya Kalasinchana

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